Vanadis is a private equity-backed virtual company founded in Copenhagen in 2015. The company was set up to develop and commercialise a new medicated gum containing alginate for the treatment of reflux, heartburn and indigestion


Antacid/anti-reflux medicated chewing gum
Generic to Gaviscon®
Treatment of symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux, acid regurgitation, heartburn, indigestion (e.g. following meals or during pregnancy) and symptoms of excess stomach acid (hyperacidity).



ATC-code: A02BX13
Contains Sodium Alginate, Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate.
Sufficient alkalinity to allow antacid claim.
Product formulated with known Ph.Eur./USP excipients and proprietary gum base.
Excipient composition is a trade secret (not patented).
The effect of stomach acid neutralization and raft formation is purely physical/local and does not depend on absorption of the actives into the systemic circulation. Hence. no BE studies are required.
Prototype releases (in vivo and in vitro) the 3 active substances concurrently to ascertain its performance in the stomach.
Ongoing stability studies indicate 3 years of shelf life at 25ºC/60% RH.
Data (incl. other CMC data) available upon request.


Vanadis offers to out-license and supply finished products to OTC and Pharma companies who obtain Marketing Authorizations in own name and market under own brands.
US, Asia and most European territories are currently available.



The product will be manufactured in a GMP approved facility in Europe and supplied packed and ready for sale.
Primary packed in blister sheets and supplied in consumer cartons with PIL and braille.






Gyldenlundsvej 21
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
M: (+45) 5186 8482